beets with goat cheese

This is my favourite way to eat beets. I could eat a bowl of this for dinner and be happy, but it makes a nice side dish to eat with just about anything. You can also spoon the whole thing over greens and make it more like a salad.

Wrap unpeeled beets in foil, pop in the oven at around 350F and leave them until a knife slides through easily, about 45 minutes.

Remove, let cool enough that you can slip the peels off them, then cut into wedges. Throw in a bowl and toss with some type of easy homemade vinaigrette, like this shallot vinaigrette.

Crumble goat cheese on top, and sprinkle some toasted nuts (walnuts or pecans are good) over the whole thing.

The sweetness of the beets, the tartness of the vinaigrette, the creaminess of the cheese, the earthy crunch of the nuts… it all adds up to perfection.

beets with goat cheese

– Dinah Murdoch lives, eats and writes in Kitchener.