italian wedding soup

That spikey lettuce-ish thing in your bag last week, in case you weren’t so sure, is curly endive, It’s on the bitter side, but can be eaten like lettuce in a salad — especially so if mixed with other greens. There are loads of salad recipes online using endive and many of them, for whatever reason, seem to include bacon.

curly endive

I decided to use mine tonight to make one of my faves — Italian Wedding Soup. So warm and filling and perfect for a snowy night. Really easy, too. The meatballs, once you’ve made them, just cook in the hot broth.

I use the recipe concocted by Food Network babe Giada De Laurentiis, which you’ll find here. There’s room for substitutions,according to what you have — or don’t have — on hand. I made my meatballs with ground turkey in place of beef/pork because that’s what I felt like eating tonight. And there was no way I was going to the grocery store just for parsley (I had none in the fridge) so I just skipped it, even though it really would have tasted even better if I hadn’t.

wedding meatballs

I am pretty fickle with recipes and there aren’t a ton that I keep and make repeatedly. This one I’ve made a handful of times. It’s a keeper.

wedding soup

– Dinah Murdoch lives, eats and writes in Kitchener.