On the Main Order Form simply fill in your contact information, choose your payment method, pick-up location, items (if any) that you never want to receive in your order, scroll down to the weeks you want to receive a delivery and choose your delivery size.

There’s no need to have a delivery every week. You can have a delivery every other week, every third week or stop by and order every blue moon. It’s entirely up to you.

Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘submit order’. We’ll send you an email with your payment and pick-up instructions within 24 hours.

Box | $39 | contains a variety of fresh produce items and is ideal for a small to medium sized family.

Bag | $27 | includes smaller portions than the box while still offering a healthy assortment of fresh produce items.

Local Grown | includes only locally grown organic fruits and vegetables.

Combo (Local + Non-Local) | includes locally grown organic produce in addition to an assortment of fruits and vegetables not grown in Ontario.